age:   29

icbm:  75  9m 37.34s W
       39 56m 41.14s N
       elev. 55 ft



i was born in 1979. i didn't talk for two years, but i could read by the age of three. my school grades were good - not great - but only because i don't want them to be great. i can do anything. i learned three foreign languages but forgot much of them due to disuse. i have a b.a. in biology, a b.s. in computer science, minors in mathematics and physics, and an mba with a specialization in finance. i am going to be a software engineer for the forseeable future. i enjoy stargazing. i enjoy imbibing. i enjoy playing the esoteric chinese dominoes game of pai gow. i bought and renovated a house, then sold it for profit in the worst housing market ever recorded. i ponder highway constrution and bridge and tunnel plans in my spare time. i've driven i-95 from exit 3 of the nj turnpike to cape cod. i've driven the "one mile" of the cross bronx expressway through east tremont; and i've driven the gowanus expressway through sunset park. i have also driven from hamburg to berlin to munich on the autobahn at speeds exceeding 130 miles per hour in a renault subcompact and lived to tell the story. i enjoy solving calculus problems. i would do it for fun if i thought there was a point in doing so. i enjoy watching fish swim back and forth. i listen to death metal. i think C++ is g-d's gift to programmers. i like food and sports, occasionally at the same time. i enjoy travel and i now can afford to do it. ;-) future goals include world travel, learning as much as i can about everything, perfecting my skills in pai gow and blackjack, reading and speaking chinese and perhaps japanese, re-learning russian, and climbing mount everest.

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